Get To Know Parco

Nobody does t-slotted aluminum extrusion the way Parco does it. Parco employees have more than 50 years of combined experience in fabricating it and putting it to work in uniquely designed and engineered product applications. Parco’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion products are 100% compatible with other leading brands, such as 80/20, Bosch, and Faztek. Parco is also a leader in the custom design and assembly of machine guarding, workstations, and easy-to-assemble enclosures. All of Parco’s design and customization services are free of charge.

Why Parco?

With Parco, customization is standard, so the design services are free and already included in the price of the product. Parco’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion products are 100% interchangeable with the other leading brands, allowing customers to match the fractional or metric extrusion of their choice. Parco also offers a no-minimum-order policy and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
Free Design Service
100% Compatibility
Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Parco Product Categories Include

Aluminum Extrusions

Parco is an industry leader in providing high-quality standard and custom products in the aluminum extrusion industry. Parco offers a complete line of t-slotted aluminum extrusion solutions, along with customer design and assembly services for machine guarding, workstation, and easy-to-assemble enclosures.

Trust EFP + Parco To Solve Your Project Needs

When it comes to aluminum extrusions, customization, compatibility, ease of assembly, and ease of doing business matter. EFP and Parco can provide proven standard solutions, as well as custom solutions for specialized applications, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer.

We strive to keep an open line of communication with our customers, so you can stay up to date on timelines, availability, and quote status to be assured your project stays on schedule and on budget. With our experienced local support, we’re here to help our customers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana find the best solutions to their specific project needs.

The EFP Edge

We take your success personally. We are problem solvers that can assess your challenges, research the best solutions, and deliver a quote quickly and efficiently so you can be successful with less stress, hassle, and cost. At EFP, we understand the challenges you’re up against daily. You need your products and solutions on time and within budget.

That’s why we are passionate about a best-in-class customer experience, focusing on speed, expertise, accountability, and integrity. With our Rapid Response Guarantee, we promise to respond to your online chats within 60 seconds and your web inquiries within 60 minutes during our business hours, or we will take $60 OFF your next purchase.

EFP provides solutions that keep you on schedule and within budget while delivering top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Our foundation is built on strong partnerships and a deep commitment to people, values passed down by our founders and upheld through generations. Drawing strength from our history, we confidently face the future, guided by the EFP legacy—a testament to the power of family, shared values, and a commitment to your success, which is at the core of our operations at EFP. We are not merely a business, but a trusted partner dedicated to your growth.

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