Get to Know Bimba

Bimba, a part of Norgren, stands at the forefront of innovation, supplying top-of-the-line pneumatic, vacuum, electric, and hydraulic motion solutions. Possessing multi-disciplinary offerings in motion control, Bimba is recognized for its delivery of both conventional and innovative custom solutions, meeting the unique engineering challenges of today. Bimba’s diverse portfolio of motion control solutions serves an array of sectors, encompassing not just agriculture, automotive, and energy, but also food & packaging, lumber and milling, medical, printing, and the semiconductor industry.

Why Bimba?

Manufacturers prefer Bimba over its competitors because of its innovative approach to providing advanced motion solutions, which are not only reliable and ready for any engineering applications, but are also simple to use.

Easy To Use

Great Value
High Quality

Our Bimba Product Categories Include

Pneumatic Systems

Bimba is known for its innovative pneumatic solutions designed to address a variety of automation challenges. Bimba’s pneumatic systems range from a full complete line of actuators as well as valves, workholding, vacuum, and accessories solutions. These solutions are known for their superior reliability, efficiency, and adaptability to a broad spectrum of industries.

Electric Automation

Bimba provides both rod and rodless electric actuators in configurations to work in a wide variety of applications. Complementing these are Bimba’s assortment of AC or DC servo and stepper motors, matched with both AC and DC controllers. Bimba’s IQ Programmer software provides an easy-to-use interface with a host of commands and tools for the Bimba IntelliMotor® and STP stepper drive & controllers.

Trust Bimba + EFP to Solve Your Project Needs

Partners since the late 1970s, Bimba and EFP are a powerful combination of a leading national brand in automation and motion control, combined with EFP’s local presence and expertise in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Bimba provides durable and high-quality automation components, and EFP strives to provide an exceptional customer experience for our local customer base.

We take your success personally, which means we focus on speed (in terms of both response times and follow up and lead times), expertise (local staff supported by Bimba engineers), accountability (we do what we say and we deliver bad news with alternative solutions), and integrity (speaks for itself).

The EFP Edge

Since our founding in 1975, we’ve been helping our partners keep on time and stay on budget with all projects large and small, near and far. We are the Bimba distributor you can rely on for timely delivery and reliable quotes. We take your success personally, and we keep our promises, which is why we offer a Rapid Response Guarantee. We promise to respond to your online chats within 60 seconds and your web inquiries within 60 minutes during our business hours, or we will take $60 OFF your next purchase.

Providing exceptional customer service to our partners is our top priority. In fact, we’ve endured many successful decades plus customer relationships because of that proven dedication. Based in Ohio and serving customers in Kentucky and Indiana as well, you can rely on the personalized support of our experienced staff to ensure your needs, wants, deadlines, and budgets are being met throughout your entire project. With speed, expertise, accountability, and integrity deeply woven into our day-to-day engagements, we take your success personally. Your business is our business.

Hear It From Our Partners

“EFP’s customer service has always been thorough and proactive. That combined with EFP’s technical support makes a strong and valued supplier.”

Manufacturing Company

“They have many of the qualities I look for in a supplier including honesty, transparency, and they communicate in a straightforward manner. I have always known Barry and the entire team at EFP to be responsive to our needs. I consider them well above the average supplier.”

Industrial Equipment Supplier

“EFP delivers quality products in a timely manner. They excel in customer service and communications.”

Medical Technology Provider

“EFP is easy to work with, price competitive, and they deliver expertise with their hands-on approach. Mike is always accommodating and friendly. I am looking for ways to engage them more as we continue our relationship.”

Industrial Equipment Supplier

“I have known and used EFP for over 20 years. They deliver quality products and service in a timely manner using a hands-on approach. We are always looking for ways to engage them more.”

Custom Automation Systems Company