Vacuum Systems

Features and Benefits of Vacuum Systems

Vacuum pumps offer efficient and effective solutions by providing reliable operation and are easily connected to other parts of your system. Single-stage pumps offer a high level of induced air and have no moving parts. Multistage units generally offer a faster response, have a lower operating noise level, and can be selected with integral nonreturn valves for use in safety-critical applications. Vacuum cups are the components used to lift or hold the work piece in a pick-and-place application. Cups can be either flat or bellows type, for use on flat or uneven surfaces, respectively. Vacuum switches, either electro-mechanical or electronic, ensure that vacuum levels can be constantly monitored and optimized. Electro-mechanical versions provide the most cost-effective solution, while electronic units can be configured offline and are easily programmed.

Types of Vacuum System Products

Cups & Accessories

Vacuum cups are available in several materials, depending on your application needs. Nitrile natural rubber, silicone, polyurethane, as well as hybrid materials like Detectable Blue Silicone, White Silicone, Translucent Silicone, and even stainless steel for certain food products. Diameters range from 2mm to 200mm, in many shapes from standard round or oval shapes to application-specific shaped. We offer a full selection of accessories to fully support our vacuum cups and bellows, optimizing your production process with vacuum switches, flexible connectors, level compensators, and a lot more.

Generators & Pumps

Vacuum pumps are used in a wide variety of automated systems, primarily to generate and control vacuum in suction cups to ensure the gripping of objects. They can be easily integrated into a process and communicate the information necessary to ensure proper production. We offer a complete range of vacuum pumps and generators to meet different performance and adaptability needs: vacuum levels, suction rates, control types, communication technologies, and energy savings. High-suction flow vacuum generators are particularly suited to applications involving porous and lightweight products.

Grippers & End Effectors

Vacuum grippers are easily integrated into the process and offer a high degree of modularity. They provide the optimal handling solution for products of varied sizes, shapes, and weights. With a single gripper module, the user can simply and safely carry out single or multiple grips of diverse products. Bag grippers are a comprehensive package that includes a specific suction pad and an optimized vacuum generator that guarantees high reliability for the handling of plastic or paper bags used in the packaging of powder and granulated products. It is particularly recommended for robotic palletizing and de-palletizing applications that require a quick and secure implementation. We offer end effectors for robots and cobots for the individual gripping of specific products. These custom-designed gripping tools will perfectly integrate with your end-of-arm needs.

Why Choose Our Vacuum Systems Products

Product Availability

EFP offers a complete line of vacuum products from leading manufacturers. In today’s difficult supply chain environment, having a vacuum systems partner that can provide multiple solutions quickly is of the highest importance.


By representing some of the most respected brands in the industry, EFP can best ensure the long-lasting operation of your vacuum applications. No matter the demands of the application and environment, we can offer a vacuum solution that will improve your equipment reliability.

Efficiency and Productivity

Our vacuum products can be trusted to deliver the efficiency that is desired for the equipment being designed or the component being replaced. With our leading brands and local stocking programs, EFP is best positioned to reduce product lead time and avoid costly manufacturing downtime.

The EFP Edge

Navigating the intricacies of vacuum systems, especially with such diverse applications, requires a nuanced touch. This is where EFP becomes indispensable, serving manufacturers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Whether you need help facilitating pick-and-place processes, ensuring seamless integration of generators and pumps, or providing customized gripping tools for robotics, our dedicated team stands ready to assist. Whether you’re seeking single-stage pumps, specific vacuum cups, or advanced electronic vacuum switches, EFP is here for you. We take your success personally.

Our commitment is made evident with our Rapid Response Guarantee. We promise to address online chats within 60 seconds and respond to web inquiries within 60 minutes during our normal business hours, or, we will give you $60 off your next order. From the beginning to the end of your project, we prioritize ensuring you stay on time and within budget.

Since our founding in 1975, our success has been dependent upon yours. We don’t view ourselves as another vendor; we’re a committed partner, keen on ensuring your vacuum systems meet your demands.

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