Get to Know CKD

CKD began business in Japan in 1943, and they are an automation technology company with global production capability of over 500,000 items across 7,000 product categories of pneumatic and fluid control components. CKD has always had a passion for developing products with higher precision, load capacity, and lower costs. Under this mantra, CKD offers a full line of labor-saving components, including but not limited to index units, direct drive motors, and pick and place units. CKD also offers a full line of pneumatic systems and electric automation components that provide alternative supply chain options for our customers, particularly those inclined to Japanese technology.

As a trailblazer in automation technology, CKD has consistently anticipated and fulfilled future demands by conducting extensive research and developing a diverse range of products. Over time, CKD’s product line has expanded to include tens of thousands of items, allowing them to actively contribute to numerous industrial sectors. Leveraging their extensive technological expertise, CKD collaborates closely with customers to develop innovative products that meet their unique requirements.

Why CKD?

CKD specializes in best-in-class pneumatic control components covering your needs for air preparation, t-control valves and cylinders, electro-proportional regulators, electric actuators, and valves designed for protocol networks. CKD is dedicated to providing automated systems that cater to diverse industrial requirements. As pioneers in pneumatic technology, CKD remains committed to continuously innovating and delivering new products that precisely align with market demands.

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Our CKD Product Categories Include

Pneumatic Systems

CKD’s mission is to develop and manufacture pneumatic systems that deliver high precision components while providing increased operation speed and efficiency at lower costs. From actuators to valves, these products have a focus on quality, reliability, and integrity. A cost-effective and broad alternative product line ensures customers can find the pneumatic system they need within budget.

Electric Automation

Ultra-reliable, CKD’s electric automation solutions are well resourced and designed with manufacturing challenges in mind. Actuators, direct drive motors, and indexers are designed to fit complex needs while also offering the flexibility and reliability manufacturers need in their electric automation products. These products are also known for their seamless integration and long-term cost saving functions.

Trust EFP + CKD to Solve Your Project Needs

CKD is a pioneer in pneumatic and automation technology, so manufacturers can rely on their proven components. With a US warehouse in Chicago, CKD has a diverse portfolio of products that can meet your lead time requirements. With lead time and product assortment solved, our local team serving Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana is passionate about providing the final leg of support to ensure that your project is a success.

The EFP Edge

Since 1975, we have been executing on our core values of speed, expertise, accountability, and integrity. We are focused on your success whether it be staying on time and/or within budget on your project. We take your success personally every step of the way.

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EFP offers timely, budget-friendly solutions with quality products and excellent customer service. Our legacy is built on strong partnerships and a commitment to people. We are dedicated to your success and view ourselves as trusted partners in your growth. At EFP, it’s more than business – it’s a partnership for the long haul.

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