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Autonics is a leading global provider of automation solutions. Their core products include various sensors, controllers, motion devices, measuring equipment, laser marking systems, connection equipment, and more. These products and technologies are trusted and adopted by engineers across a vast array of industrial applications and automation devices. Autonics Makes Life Easy by providing solutions to simplify industrial processes.

Why Autonics?

Autonics develops and manufactures a wide range of cross-industry automation related products, including various sensors, control devices, motion devices, process automation instruments, control switches, and peripheral connection equipment. Autonics maintains a robust U.S.-based inventory, resulting in fast delivery of quality products at a competitive price.

Optimized Performance

Cross Industry Solutions

Our Autonics Product Categories Include

Electric Automation

Autonics has a broad automation products portfolio. Their sensor lineup includes photo and fiberoptic sensors, displacement sensors, LiDar and area sensors, proximity sensors, rotary endoders, and machine vision sensors. 

Machine Safety

Autonics also manufactures safety products that include light curtains, controllers, and switches.

Trust EFP + Autonics To Solve Your Project Needs

Autonics is a globally trusted provider of industrial automation solutions. These products are trusted and adopted by engineers in various industrial applications.

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The EFP Edge

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Industrial Equipment Supplier

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