On An Exceptional Customer Experience 


EFP is more than just a distributor. We truly partner with our customers, bringing deep product experience and expertise to the table. We provide hands-on support and service to ensure your success and deliver value, at every step of the process.

At EFP, we combine world-class products with streamlined services to deliver a solution that’s unique to your business. From technical support and T-Slot builds to kitting and sub-assemblies, EFP delivers.



EFP is easy to work with, price competitive, and they deliver expertise with their hands-on approach. Mike is always accommodating and friendly. I am looking for ways to engage them more as we continue our relationship.


– Customer since 2007


Technical Support and Product Crossover

When a machine is down, we know time is critical. And finding a replacement is more than just searching for a part number. There are other options, and we can help you find them FAST. We have deep product knowledge across manufacturers, which means we can find complementary solutions to get the job done.

Our product experts will work side-by-side with you in selecting the right parts for your application, so you can be sure you have the right solutions in place. We carefully maintain our relationships with vendors and their employees to ensure we’re getting the best customer service experience on your behalf.

Using a team approach, we can help you integrate products across multiple disciplines to create a seamless solution built with your future in mind.

Machine Framing and Guarding

Are your ideas sketched on a piece of paper?  Our team is able to transform a simple drawing into a complete bill of material with CAD drawings. These products are designed, pre-cut, and delivered with simple assembly instructions!

If you want, we can pre-assemble in our shop and deliver for quick final installation, engineered for a precise fit with maximum rigidity.

Have machine framing and guarding needs? Let us show you how simple the solution can be!

Kitting and Custom Assembly

We understand LEAN processes and can help our OEM customers’ production by kitting and pre-assembling components that are ready for installation.

Not only can we create unique assembled parts, we can also assemble and test products that are uncommon to our customers, allowing for quicker and more cost-effective installations. Each assembled component is individually designed and 100% pre-tested!

With EFP, you get the depth and breadth of our technical knowledge on your team. Our process makes it possible for EFP to deliver components, sub-assemblies, or systems exactly matched to your critical requirements.

Plus, EFP is able to package multiple products and vendors in one shipment, ensuring everything is where you need it when you need it there!


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