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T-Slot Innovations


Founded in 2001, PARCO manufactures an extensive line of t-slotted aluminum extrusion products used by diverse customers in multiple industries.  

The framing is 100% interchangeable with 80/20’s fractional and metric aluminum extrusion profiles as well as Bosch’s aluminum structural framing strut and item t-slotted extrusions.

Their collective experience goes back more than 50 years in t-slotted aluminum extrusion for structural framing, machine guarding, and safety applications.

Customers appreciate the depth of EFP and PARCO’s industry knowledge, capabilities, and have come to depend upon the versatility, strength, and aesthetic appeal of the t-slot solutions we can provide them.

EFP serves industrial customers in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton. 

Parco Product Categories Include:
10 Series
T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions
EFP Parco's Aluminum Machine
and Perimeter Guarding Assembly
30 Series
Metric T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions
40 Series
30 Series #2.png
30 Series #5.jpg
30 Series #4.png
30 Series #3.png
30 Series #1.png
30 Series #2.png
30 Series #5.jpg
40 Series #1.jpg
30 Series #3.png
30 Series #1.png
45 Series
45 Series #4.png
45 Series #3.png
45 Series #5.png
45 Sereis #1.png
45 Series #2.jpg
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