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COVAL, a leading solution provider of vacuum automation technology and offers an extensive line of vacuum pumps, cups, generators, controls, and vacuum accessories for material handling and other applications.

Being a vacuum manager means going beyond the role of the traditional component supplier. Together, COVAL and EFP bring expertise and know-how to manage vacuum handling parts, products, or packaging.

The idea is to be a consultant, a solution provider and a business partner who can resolve our customers’ day-to-day problems and, through sincere commitment, improve the efficiency and productivity of your installations.

EFP serves industrial customers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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COVAL Vacuum Managers Product Offering: 

Standard Suction Cups

Standard suction cups adapt to all types of applications in branches of industry such as packaging, plastics, food, sheet metal, etc. These suction cups meet a wide range of technical specifications thanks to a diverse choice of shapes, diameters, and materials.

Flat Suction Cups Ø 8 to 75 mm, VP Series

Extra-flat Suction Cups Ø 2 to 200 mm, VPG Series

Flat Suction Cups Ø 6 to 50 mm, VPU Series

Flat Suction Cups with Cleats Ø 15 to 50 mm, VPF Series

Oblong Flat Suction Cups 2x4 to 30x90 mm, VPO Series

Suction Cups with 1,5 Bellows Ø 5 to 78 mm, VSA Series

Suction Cups with 1.5 Bellows Ø 5 to 50 mm, VSAB Series

Suction Cups with 1.5 Bellows Ø 10 to 150 mm, VSAG Series

Suction Cups with 1.5 Bellows Ø 15 to 30 mm, VSAJ Series

Suction Cups with 2,5 Bellows Ø 5 to 88 mm, VS Series

Suction Cups with 2.5 Bellows Ø 5 to 30 mm, VSG Series

Long Stroke Suction Cups, VSD Series

High-performance Suction Cups, C Series

Suction Cups with Foam Ring Seals, VSA-VS BM Series

Coval Foam Rings for VSA & VS Suction Cu

Foam Rings for VSA & VS Suction Cups, VSBM Series

Coval Standadr Suction Cup Fittings, IM-

Standard Suction Cup Fittings, IM-IF Series

Special Purpose Suction Cups

COVAL's vocation as vacuum managers has led the company to develop customized suction cups for one-off applications. As a result of close partnership with their clients, the specific suction cups range permits the handling of: eggs, buns, bottles, paper, plastic bags, etc.

FlowPack Suction Cups, FPC Series

Flat Suction Cups Ø 8 to 75 mm, VP Series

Soft and Flexible Suction Cups, MVS Series

Suction cup with 1.5 bellow Specifically designed for cheese, VSAF Series

Oblong suction cup with 1.5 bellow Specifically designed for cheese, series VSAOF

Suction Cups For Bakery Applications, VSD-VSE-VSP

Coval Suction Cups for Egg-Handling, VSO

Suction Cups for Egg Handling, VSO Series

Coval Suction Cup for Bottel Handling, V

Suction Cups for Bottle Handling, VSBO & VSBO+

Suction Cup for Bottle Handling via the Punt, VBO Series

Suction Cups for Paper Applications, VPA Series

Suction Cups for Labels, VPAL Series

Suction Cups for Mailing Applications, VPR Series

Rounded Suction Cups, VPAG Series

Coval Rounded Suction Cups, VPAG Series.
Coval Radial Ball-Joint Suction Cups, VP

Radial Ball-joint Suction Cups, VPYR Series

Heavy Load Suction Cups, SPL Series

Steel Suction Cups with Bonded Seal, 5000 - 6000 Series

Suction Cups for Apples, VSB Series

Suction Cup Accessories

COVAL offers a complete range of Suction Cup Accessories: Spring systems, extensions, nozzle inserts, automatic shut-off valves, non-return valve, and more.

Level Compensators, TS11 Series

Coval Level Compensators, TS1-TS2-TS3 Se

Level Compensators, TS1-TS2-TS3 Series

Coval Level Compensators Ts4-TS5 Series.

Level Compensators, TS4 - TS5 Series

Coval Anti-Rotation Spring Systems, TSOP

Anti-rotation Spring Systems, TSOP Series

Coval Anti-Rotation Spring Systems, TSOG

Anti-rotation Spring Systems, TSOG Series

Mounting Extensions with adjustable stroke, L Series

Flow Control Fittings for Suction Cups

Coval mechanical Feeders, PMG2

Mechanical Feelers, PMG2 Series

Coval Vacuum Axial Ball-Joints IMU Serie

Vacuum Axial Ball-Joints, IMU Series

Coval Piloted Safety Valves, CSP Series.

Piloted Safety Valves, CSP Series

Multi-Compensator Systems, RSC Series

Coval Closed Cells Foam Strips, BM Serie

Closed cells Foam Strips, BM Series

Vacuum Pumps

COVAL has developed a complete range of venturi vacuum pumps using the most advanced technologies. They offer a wide suction range, optimal output, low energy consumption, reduced weight and bulk, and silent operation. Numerous integrated functions mean that they are easier and more profitable to install and use.

Coval Micro.Mini-Ejectors.jpg


Coval Vacuum Cartridges.jpg

Vacuum Cartridges

Coval Intellegent Vacuum Pumps.jpg

Intelligent Vacuum Pumps

Coval Modular Vacuum Pumps.jpg

Modular Vacuum Pumps

Coval High Flow Vacuum Generators.jpg

High Flow Vacuum Generators

Electric vacuum pumps

Vacuum Pump Accessories

Range of accessories for COVAL vacuum generators.

Vacuum Filters, FVUM - FVUG

Vacuum Filters, FVI

Mini Vacuum Filters, FVG

In-line Vacuum Filters, FVL

Liquid Separator Vacuum Filters, FSL Series

Diffuser-Type Silencer, SILGV

Through-Type Silencer, SIL K-C

Blow-off Device for Micro-ejectors, MS Series

Protective Housing, GVOMAXV2 Series

Coval Mounting Kit, LEMFIX Series.jpg

Mounting Kit, LEMFIX Series

Electrical Connectors, M8 and M12, CD - CC Series

Quick Release Device, QR Series

Vacuum Switch Range

High precision, universal solutions, choice of versions: electric, electronic, digital or pneumatic.

Mini Vacuum Switch, PSK Series

Vacuum Switch with 3-color Display, PSD 100 Series

Coval Electronic Vacuum Switch with Disp

Electronic Vacuum Switch with Display, PSA100C Series

Coval Electronic Vacuum Switch, PSP 100

Electronic Vacuum Switch, PSP100 Series

Coval Electronic Vacuum Switch Analogue

Electronic Vacuum Switch Analogue output, PSP100ANA

Coval Electris Vacuum Swirch PSE 100E Se

Electric Vacuum Switch, PSE100E Series

Coval Pneumatic Vacuum Switch, PSE100P S

Pneumatic Vacuum Switch, PSE100P Series

Coval Pneumatic Vacuum Switch, PSE 100PK

Pneumatic Vacuum Switch, PSE100PK Series

Coval Needle Vacuum Gauge, VAF 111 Serie

Needle Vacuum Gauge, VAF 111 Series

Peripheral Devices

Peripheral components are an essential addition to the vacuum network and guarantee reliable installation. The risks related to improper use are increased energy consumption and noise plus decreased overall efficiency. COVAL offers a complete range of peripherals, such as vacuum feeders, fittings, and more necessary for the optimization of the vacuum network.

Coval Raccord Tournat Vide, Series VRU.j

Raccord tournant vide, Série VRU

Coval Vacuum Feeders, NYS-NVR-NVA Series

Vacuum Feeders, NVS - NVR - NVA Series

Screwed Vacuum Fittings with O-ring, RDV - RCOV - Y Series

Fittings, RVM - RVF - RVT Series

Vacuum Tubes, TVR Series

Collars, COV Series

Coval Vacuum Regulator, REV38.gif

Vacuum Regulator, REV38

Coval Vacuum Valves, 3 Channels, AG Seri

Vacuum Valves, 3 channels, AG Series

Coval Angular Jaw Clamps, PA Series.gif

Angular Jaw Clamps, PA Series

Vacuum Grippers 

COVAL develops customized solutions on demand for automated applications in various sectors, such as packaging, food processing, and plastic processing.
We intervene throughout the production chain, from the individual handling of objects to complete end-of-line layer palletization. From components for vacuum automation to complete grippers, our know-how and experience allows us to assist you with the technical definition of a solution that will perfectly meet your needs and requirements.

Carbon Vacuum Grippers for Cobots, CVGC Series

Mini Vacuum Gripper, CVGM Series

Compact and Light Vacuum Grippers, CVGL Series

Modular Vacuum Grippers, MVG Series

Customized Vacuum Grippers, CVG Series

Bags/sacks Gripping System, CSGS Series

COVAL Grippers, VAL Series

End-effectors for Cobots

As their name implies, the role of collaborative robots is to collaborate with operators. The objective is to enhance versatility, eliminate repetitive tasks, prevent MSDs, and boost productivity. However, to realize their full potential, these cobots need efficient tools.

Coval Universal Robots.jpg


Coval Fanuc.jpg




Coval DOOSAN Robotics.jpg


Coval YASKAWA.jpg


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