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CKD Automation

Technology for the Future 

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CKD’s product lineup fulfills fluid control, hygiene management, environmental protection, and energy-saving needs. CKD has increased the variety of peripheral system components by developing clean air systems and auxiliary pneumatic components such as “FRL Units” and “Air Dryers.” They also have extensive drive components such as pneumatic cylinders and electric actuators.

EFP supports this broad range of ultra-reliable products, delivered and supported with exceptional speed and responsiveness.

Our fluid automation solutions increase customers’ speed to market and rapidly turn their ideas into measurable outcomes.

EFP serves industrial customers in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton. 

Diverse Products for Diverse Industry

Since its inception, CKD has researched and developed various kinds of products while constantly meeting and exceeding future needs as a pioneer in automation technology. Today, their product portfolio has tens of thousands of items, and we play an active role in broad and diverse industrial fields. With their comprehensive technological strengths, they develop products in collaboration with the customer.


Cristy’s customer service has always been thorough and proactive. That combined with EFP’s technical support makes a strong and valued supplier.


– Customer since 1995


CKD's cross-industrial lineup of automated machine systems includes 1) systems for making lamps and bulbs, 2) automatic packaging machines 3) secondary battery manufacturing systems and 4) solder paste inspection machines. CKD is innovating and developing integrated factory automation through automated processes and quality improvement.

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Industry Segments include

Industrial Automation Systems and Technology

Automatic food packaging machine


Automatic pharmaceutical packaging machine


Solder paste inspection machine


Lithium-ion battery winding machine

CKD's mission is to develop and manufacture automation equipment that delivers high precision components while delivering increased operation speed and efficiency at a lower cost. Their labor-saving products include index units, direct-drive motors, and pick and place units that can effectively pick up workpieces with the highest degree of performance in terms of control, output, rigidity, efficiency, and speed.

Labor-Saving Components

Direct drive motors


Index units


Pick and place units

CKD’s pneumatic control components control the airflow used to drive control valves and cylinders including electro-pneumatic regulators and valves for open networks. CKD is developing automated systems to meet a wide range of industrial needs while incorporating air pressure technology to promote applicable environmental protection and energy-savings.

Pneumatic Control Components

3- and 5-port pneumatic valves


Directly operated 3-port valves

Drive Components

CKD's drive components, such as pneumatic cylinders and electromotive actuators, are actively used in a wide range of industries providing automated functions seamlessly and economically. While developing automated systems to meet a wide range of industrial needs, CKD is incorporating air pressure technology to enable environmental protection and energy-savings.


Electromotive actuators


Rodless cylinders


Cylinders with multi-functions

Pneumatic Auxiliary Components



Electronic devices


 FRL Unit

The manufacturing industry faces increasingly higher quality control standards for compressed air products that require a high flow rate, high cleanliness, low noise, and efficient energy-savings. CKD is earnestly expanding and enriching the variety of peripheral system components and cultivating new needs by making the best use of its industry expertise and knowledge to develop and manufacture clean air systems and pneumatic auxiliary components. 

Fine Systems Components

Electronics industries demand a clean environment for manufacturing equipment and clean devices. At CKD, they are continuously supporting the evolving electronic device industry by providing various equipment used to manufacture semiconductors and liquid crystal devices from the supply systems to the exhaust systems.


Chemicals valves


Integrated gas supply system


Vacuum pressure proportional
control system

Fluid Control Components

CKD’s core technological field lies in developing units and systems to control and efficiently utilize fluids such as water, air, gas, steam, and oil. They have made not only a diverse line of valves and unit system components but also environmental protection equipment such as greenery water spray systems, dust collector control systems, gas combustion systems, washing equipment, and water treatment systems.


Life science components


Water-related components


Directly operated 2- and
3-port valves

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