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Talent Wins


EFP and its partners have authored a set of highly informative videos. These provide valuable insight into products, innovations, technical tips, and expertise that manufacturers just like you every day.

EFP Industrial Automation Tech Tips 

EFP's Jim Brown, Technical Services Manager talks about the comprehensive line of CKD valves. 

EFP Industrial Automation 

Mike Brooks President of EFP Industrial Automation COVID business update on the status of EFP and the automation industry.

Chemical Off Loading Pumping and Filtration Platforms.

Small businesses helping small businesses in Nicaragua by EFP and Rayo de Sol.

Manufacturing Partners 

EFP and its partner Bimba offer a full line of valves and pneumatic products. 

EFP and its partner COVAL Vacuum Managers capabilities and product offering.

EFP and its partner Gems Sensors on finding a fluid sensing solution.

EFP and its partner Fabco-Air offer Original Pancake® Air Cylinder.  

EFP and its partner Parco demonstrate the construction process and assembling of Parco-inc's aluminum t-slot machine and perimeter guarding panels  

EFP and its partner Maxpro Technologies offer a full line of high-pressure automation equipment.

EFP and its partner CKD USA in the Automotive Industry.

EFP and its partner Bimba offer the AIROS™ family of air preparation.

EFP and Parco's Aluminum Machine and Perimeter Guarding Assembly..

EFP and its Autonics corporate video on delivering value to people around the world  

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