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We know there is no one size—or one product—fits all approach to vacuum solutions. Precise and careful vacuum control of your product throughout the process requires a deep understanding of many variables, which is how we approach our customers and their applications. Our vacuum experts will work hard to provide your business with a high-level of expertise, plus guidance on your custom projects.

EFP prides itself on providing customers with innovative, reliable vacuum products alongside unparalleled customer service. Plus, our commitment to quality and technical support is unmatched!


EFP serves industrial customers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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Air Driven Vacuum Pumps, Cups, and Control 

Standard suction cups

Vacuum pumps

Peripheral devices

Special purpose suction cups

Vacuum pump accessories

Vacuum grippers

Suction cup accessories

Vacuum switch range

End-effectors for cobots


Venturi cartridges

Venturi pumps

Cups and fittings

Switches and sensors

Variable flow pumps

Air amplifiers

Material conveying

End-of-arm tooling 


Ejector system 

Vacuum pump system 

Suction pads

Vacuum-related products 

Products include:
main universal line, P-series, small oval suction cups, reusable fittings & non-rotating stems, CVM brand series suction cups, flat, bellows, larger vacuum suction cups & pads. mid-size round vacuum pad w/slip-on foam seals, foam vacuum pads, standard modular pad attachments, oval & rectangular vacuum cups & pads, high-temperature handling cups, optical media CO, DVD ring suction cups, press automation cups, vacuum cups for eggs and round objects. 

Mechanical Vacuum Pumps and High Volume Blowers

High-performance blowers

Regenerative blowers

DC variable speed regenerative blowers

Hybrid blowers

Oil-flooded rotary vacuum blowers

Oil-free vacuum pump systems 

Liquid ring vacuum pumps

Dry rotary vane vacuum pumps

Dry piston vacuum pumps

Rotary vane vacuum


I place EFP well above our other suppliers in customer service. It is the people who resonate for me and raise the stock of EFP as a trusted and reliable partner.


– Customer since 1998


Oil-less air compressors

Rotary claw vacuum
pumps & compressors

Vacuum pump boosters

Dry rotary vane pumps

Oil-lubricated vacuum pumps

Rotary claw pumps

Centrifugal blowers

Regenerative blowers

Tube axial fans

Howden roots positive displacement blowers

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