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The process industry requires a constant flow of information.  Our expanding portfolio of products helps you measure and control your process.

As your partner, our primary goal is to ensure you have access to the right information at the right time, plus the tools to handle any changes.

Together, we can make disruptions easy to overcome! We have the products, application knowledge, and customer service to help you manage whatever challenges come your way.


EFP serves industrial customers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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Control Valves (Gas/Liquid)

Solenoid valves control critical flow of air, gas, water, oil, and steam in applications spanning numerous industries. 

Soleniods valves including fluids, steam, vacuum, dry air, collant, life science, water control, combustion, and more.

Values including ball, butterfly, spring return, knife gate, thermal shut-off, line blinds, and more.

Values including actuated, ball, butterfly, relief, check, Y strainers, multi-purpose, and more.

Monitoring (Gas/Liquid)

Level sensors & switches

Pressure switches & transducers

Flow switches & sensors

Solenoid valves

Warrick conductivity controls 

Electronic relays & barriers

Temperature switches & sensors

General purpose proximity sensors

Pressure Sensors

Magnetic sensors or small  round type cylinders, square slot, C-slot, weld-field immune, SMC groove, T-slot (slide in), T-slot (slide in), Parker/Origa Numatics, and more.

Sensor accessories including round cylinder clamp, rod-tie cylinder brackets, mounting brackets, ISO profile cylinder bracket, rubber & plastic magnets, sensor mounting clamps.

Level sensors & switches

Flow switches & sensors

Temperature switches & sensors

General purpose proximity sensors

Gauges and Displays

Gauges and displays high contrast display, thin format with display, pressure sensor controller, battery powered digital pressure gauge, digital pressure, and more.

Gauges and displays including low-profile pressure, with safety marker, with limit marker, general purpose, panel mounting, pressure gauge with switch, miniature, vacuum pressure gauge with limit marker, differential, moisture indicator, and more 

Gauges and displays including SureSite® plastic visual level gauges, mini-alloy visual level gauges, high performance visual level, visual iquid level Indicators, standard alloy visual level gauges, series 3K Warrick electrode fitting, and more.

Stainless steel pressure gauge.

Gauges including dry, liquid filled, panel mount, process.

Gauges including pressure, indicator, edge, and gauge accessories.

End of Stroke Switches

Band Mount Switches CS-6100 series, heavy duty MRS® band switch, high illumination mounting band (USB), high illumination [for Bimba cylinders](MSS/R10), solid state (HSC/HSK)

Track Mounted Switches 5mm square (UBR, UBSC), CS-7500 series, EdgeSwitch™ (MD, MH), heavy duty MRS® track switch, ,MCS1 reed switches, MDS1 solid state switches, mini 4mm round - C-slot (MR/MS/MSC/MSK), solid state (HC/HK), solid state (SW).

End of Stroke Switches including process, compact strong magnetic field proof, cylinder switch with connector, heat-resistant, strong magnetic field, contact protecting circuit box, cylinder switch SW-T series, 

3 pin cord set shown
with sensor pigtail

Prewired sensor shown
with 9 ft. lead

End of Stroke Switches available in round and dovetail profile. These slide into mating slots on the sides of the cylinder housing, clamp, or bracket and are easily positioned and locked into place with a set screw. 



They have many of the qualities I look for in a supplier including direct industry technical knowledge. They are just a commodity provider but also offer sound
problem-solving advice.


– Customer since 2002

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