MAXPRO Technologies

Leading The Way In High Pressure Products

MAXPRO Technologies is the authorized distributor for Maximator® in the USA.

Together with EFP, MAXPRO offers an extensive line of liquid pumps, air amplifiers, gas boosters, valves and manifolds, and tubing/hose/fittings.

Industry applications include automotive, plastics, aerospace, gas pipeline operations, high-pressure food processing, pressure testing, supercritical CO2 extraction, and water cutting.

MAXPRO has an extensive inventory and offers the fastest shipping in the industry and exceptional customer service.

EFP serves industrial customers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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EFP Maxpro Technologies High Pressure Equipment 
Maxpro Technologies Product Offering: 
Maxpro Technologies Sour Gas Vales for O

Maximator® High-Pressure Valve Features

  • Materials of Construction for Excellent Corrosion Resistance: Cold Worked 316LSS and 17-4PH Stems

  • Standard valves with PTFE/Carbon packing can be operated to 450°F. Optional high temperature and low-temperature arrangements are available and can be operated at -423°F to 1200°F.

  • The non-rotating stem prevents stem to seat galling.

  • Choose from a Vee stem for On/Off operation or a Regulating stem for controlling the flow

  • Metal-to-metal seating achieves bubble-tight shut-off, longer stem and seat life, and greater durability for repeated open and close cycles.

  • Six different valve body patterns are available.

  • Sizes 

    • Medium pressure 

    • High pressure

    • Ultra-high pressure

    • With NPT connections 

Coning and Threading Machine Features

Our proprietary Coning & Threading Machine takes the guesswork out of machining the most commonly used connections in the high-pressure industry.

  • Faster operation, requiring less operator training

  • Easily installed coning blades

  • Coning and threading in sequential operations

  • A fully enclosed cabinet that eliminates pinch points

  • Plexiglass cover to protect the operator from cutting oil and metal chip

MaxproConing Threading Machine and Tooli

  • Sizes  

    • Medium pressure 

    • High pressure

    • Ultra-high pressure

High Pressure Air-Driven Liquid Pump Features

Maximator® pumps offer a variety of beneficial features. Commonly available features among our pumps include:

  • Faster operation, requiring less operator training

  • Discharge pressures from 60 psi to 101,000 psi

  • Temperature range from -20° F to 140° F

  • Standard seals or other optional seals available

  • Sturdy construction materials, such as aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel

  • Easy installation, operation, and control

  • Safe for hazardous areas (no electrical power required)

  • Pilot air control for remote operation standard on many models

  • External spool valve for quick maintenance on most models

  • Dry air spool valve option available for severe service applications

  • Easily installed coning blades

  • Coning and threading in sequential operations

  • A fully enclosed cabinet that eliminates pinch points

  • Plexiglass cover to protect the operator from cutting oil and metal chip

Maxpro High Pressure Air-Drive Liquid Pu

  • Applications   

    • Calibration

    • Clamping, Crimping, Cutting

    • Bolt Tensioning

    • Hydraulic power unit

    • Hydraulic cylinder actuation

    • Pressure testing & proof testing of components

Accessories for High-Pressure Systems

High-pressure systems can be simple or complex, but all can benefit from the addition of the proper accessories. Information can be gathered on performance via a simple pump cycle counter or you can use a high-pressure data logger to record tests for recertification of equipment.

Maxpro Technologies Adjustabele Relief V
Maxpro Technologies Air Control Pacakges
Maxpro Technologies Dry Air Spool.jfif
Maxpro Gauges.jpg
Maxpro Switches.jpg

​High Pressure Adjustable Relief Valves

​High Pressure Data Logger and Pump Controller

Maxpro Technologies Reserviors.jpg
Maxpro Technologies Pump Cycle Counters.
Maxpro Technologies Gas Receivers.jpg

​Air Pilot Switches

Air Control Packages

Air Receiver Tanks

Dry Air Spool

Maxpro Technologies Timer Device.jpg
Maxpro Technologies MT-LUBR Grease.jpg

Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges


Pump Cycle Counters

Gas Receivers

Timer Device

MT-LUBR Grease

High-Pressure Fittings

  • Elbows

  • Tees

  • Crosses

  • Adapters

  • Couplings

  • Nipples

Maxpro Technologies High Pressure Fittin

  • Applications   

    • Standard pipe

    • Medium pressure

    • High pressure

    • Ultra-high pressure 

Adapters and Coupling Features

Maximator® designs and manufactures a wide variety of adapters and couplings in an array of styles and sizes. The adapters in this section are considered standard and readily available. Other materials and configurations are available upon request.

Maxpro Technologies Adapters Male to Fem

Male to Female 

Female to Female 

Maxpro Technologies Adapters Female to F
Maxpro Technologies Adapters Male to Mal

Male to Male 

High Pressure Gas Boosters

Maximator® air driven reciprocating gas boosters are suitable for the oil-free compression of gases and air.  They are also a simple, cost-effective means for gas pressure intensification, scavenging, or recirculation at a wide range of pressures.

  • Pressures to 36,000 psi for most gases and 5,000 psi for oxygen

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Compact, lightweight design

  • Single- or double-acting and two-stage models

  • Double air head available in single- and two-stage boosters

  • No electrical power required

  • High pressure seal lubrication not required

  • Boosters are contamination free

  • Units can be operated in series or parallel

  • Variety of pressure and compression ratios available

  • Applications   

    • Ground support for aviation maintenance and service providers

    • Pressurizing hydrogen for fuel cells

    • Accumulator charging

    • Helium recovery and leak detection

    • Pressure testing

    • Valve actuation

High Pressure Tubing Applications  

The viable pressure rating of tubing depends on its diameter. Typically, smaller diameters are able to handle greater pressures than larger diameters within the same pressure rating.

  • Oil and gas

  • Chemical/petrochemical

  • Food processing

  • Ratings    

    • Medium Ttubing

    • High-pressure tubing

    • Ultra high-pressure tubing 

Maxpro Technology Tubing.jpg

Oil & Gas Field Products 

MAXIMATOR® has been designing and manufacturing specialty products to the high pressure market for over thirty years and has a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability.

MaxPro Technologies Sour Gas Valves - Pr

Sour Gas Valves - Pressures to 22,500 psi

Maxpro Technlogies Sour Gas Valves - Pre

Sour Gas Valves - Pressures to 30.000 psi

Gauge Valves - Pressures to 36,000 psi

Maxpro Technologies Gauge Valves - Press
Maxpro Technologies Bleed Valves - Press

Bleed Valves - Pressures to 36,000 psi

Sour Gas Fittings - Pressures to 30,000 psi

Maxpro Technologies Sour Gas Tubing - Pr

Sour Gas Tubing - Pressures to 30,000 psi

Maxpro Technologies Sour Gas Nipples for

Sour Gas Nipples - Pressures to 30,000 psi

Maxpro Technologies Sour Gas Check Valve

Sour Gas Check Valves - Pressures to 30,000 psi

Maxpro Technologies Sour Gas Line Filter

Sour Gas Line Filters - Pressures to 30,000 psi

Sour Gas Adapters & Couplings - Pressures to 30,000 psi

Air Amplifier Features  

Maximum air amplifiers are available in a variety of standard designs and offer many options for customizability. Key features of our air amplifier products include:

  • Air pressures from 30 psi to 4,350 psi

  • Compact, lightweight design

  • Easy installation and operation

  • Single or double acting

  • No electrical power required

  • Stall at target pressure and automatically restart after a pressure drop of only 1%

  • PTFE seals

  • Unregulated pilot air port for easy restart and better control on all DLA, SPLV2, and GPLV2 models (1/8” FNPT)

  • Applications     

    • Valve actuators

    • Air tools

    • Pressure testing

    • Increase force on presses and clamps

    • Improve efficiency of pneumatic tools and machinery

Maxpro Technologies Air Amplifiers.jpg
MAXPRO Product Categories Include: