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Relationships Are Critical


Since being founded in 1975 as Ernst Fluid Power, and through three generations of ownership, the critical component to our success has stayed the same: the partnerships we form with our customers, employees, manufacturers, and community.

At EFP, we know that partnering with our employees is at the heart of providing an exceptional customer experience. Our team has over 100 years of direct industry experience and is passionate about providing cost-effective and high-quality solutions in a timely manner.

Because our employees know their work is mission-critical, we’re able to create a company culture where individuals feel valued, they know their impact, and they continue to deliver year after year.

An Exceptional customer experience is the Focus of our Partnerships

The partnerships we form with industry-leading manufacturers across the industrial automation space are proven and long-standing. As we add to the depth and breadth of our product offering, we form new partnerships that share our drive to create exceptional customer experiences. One of the key components to any successful partnership is trust. Our manufacturing partners have placed the ultimate level of trust in EFP Industrial Automation by allowing us to be their local and primary representative in the geographic markets that we serve. In turn and when needed, this partnership ensures that our customer has full access to the manufacturer’s technical and operational resources in providing cost-effective and creative solutions.



EFP delivers quality products in a timely manner. They excel in customer service and communications.


– Customer since 2007



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