ASCO Numatics

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The unified businesses of Emerson’s ASCO offer comprehensive flow control and pneumatics solutions for a wide range of industry-focused applications.

Asco manufactures more than 50,000 solenoid and pneumatic valves, cylinders and actuators, air preparation equipment, and accessories that deliver comprehensive solutions for industrial processes and commercial production.

EFP supports this broad range of ultra-reliable products, delivered and supported with exceptional speed and responsiveness.

Our fluid automation solutions increase customers’ speed to market and rapidly turn their ideas into measurable outcomes.

EFP serves industrial customers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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ASCO Numatics Product Categories Include:
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Solenoid Valves - ASCO RedHat

ASCO solenoid valves control the critical flow of air, gas, water, oil, and steam in applications spanning numerous industries. Their portfolio ranges from two-position on/off valves to flow control systems that impact thousands of users. ASCO's RedHat power management technology sets a new industry standard for reliability and power consumption, accepting both AC and DC voltages while improving performance. These 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way solenoid valves can handle most fluid control applications and are now available with Class I, Division 2 approvals.

General service

Electronically enhanced

Dust-collector systems


Process valve automation

Fuel, oil, and gas


Marine and Navy


Air operated

Special service

Cylinders & Actuators

Count on ASCO for top-quality cylinders that fit the most demanding application requirements. Round or square, repairable or not, compact or large, rodless or not, our cylinder selection is sure to meet your requirements for performance, footprint, cost, appearance, materials, or standards. For example, ASCO manufactures cylinders to meet ISO/CETOP and ISO/VDMA standards as well as miniature cylinders, NFPA cylinders, and guided options.

Air & hydraulic

Repairable round cylinders







Slide & gantry


Power clamps



Air Preparation Products

ASCO compressed air treatment products include filters, regulators, lubricators, emergency shut-off / soft-start values, and accessories. Their broad line of high-flow, modular, and in-line products include sizes from 1/8" to 1" and offer the performance and flexibility to meet today's demanding applications.

FRL - filters, regulators, lubricators

Vacuum products

Disposable in-line filters

Replacement filter elements

Lockout & shut off valves

Compressed air preparation

Accessories & Options

ASCO offers a wide variety of accessories and optional features to meet specific application requirements including accessories tailored for specific valve types and applications. These include digital sensors that can display values and output to control systems, PNP and NPN switches, and power clamps suitable for a wide variety of environments.  ASCO also offers a wide range of products and accessories for air preparation and handling.

Electrical accessories

Filter elements & strainers


Fittings & tubing

Flow controls & valves ​​​

Pressure gauges

Silencers / mufflers

Solenoid operators / assemblies

Switches & sensors

Vacuum products